Early Years Outdoor Learning

Nurturing & robust outdoor play for your youngest pupils

Early Years Outdoors

Why go outside with young children?

  • Spending time outside facilitates a smooth transition to outdoor learning in primary

  • Being active at this age creates the foundations for lifelong health and well being​​

  • Children develop resilience through spending playful time outdoors

  • Young children begin to understand concepts of risk through robust outdoor adventures

  • Nurture by nature - children become comfortable in the outdoors and develop a love of nature

“Six months on from your visit, every early years class is still going outside at least twice a week ... we and the pupils are loving it!”

Teacher, British Embassy School Ankara, Turkey, after a Firetrail early years outdoor learning event

How does Firetrail help? 


We provide:

  • Award-winning early years specialist staff with over 20 years combined experience

  • Staff training to help you teach outside easily

  • Pre-inspection site visits with advice and action reports to boost your outdoor learning provision

  • Expertise in early years grounds development (mud kitchens, gardening areas, traversing walls)

  • Procurement of high-quality outdoor equipment for various activities and free-flow play

“As an experienced teacher of over 30 years I hated the idea of scheduled outdoor learning. However, the fantastic guidance provided by the Firetrail staff and the sheer joy expressed by the pupils at the wonderful (and easy for me to deliver) activities changed my mind. It is now my favourite lesson of the week and has motivated me personally to spend more time outside."

(Senior EYFS Teacher, Stavanger, Norway)