Revolutionise your school's outdoor learning practices or book an outdoor event for your institution

"A highly experienced and thoroughly professional outdoor education provider, who can be relied upon to inspire and enhance Early Years and Outdoor Learning provision at any school. Firetrail safely and expertly bring a wide range of outdoor and training activities that will excite students and provide teachers with the confidence and skills to continue low risk activities in their own setting."

Anne Howells, Director of Programmes at High Performance Learning and former Headteacher of the British International School of Stavanger, Norway

Why Outdoor Learning?

Five good reasons to teach outside!

  • The best global schools excel at outdoor activities

  • Educational theory prioritises robust outdoor learning

  • Risk & responsibility promote educational excellence

  • Outdoor learning can be affordable and simple

  • Staff deliver their most inspirational teaching outside!

How does Firetrail help?

  • Staff training and management consultation

  • Safety handouts & manuals to accompany all equipment

  • Parent & staff briefings and presentations

  • Seminar and conference speaking

Our services get your school outside: