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Updated: May 22, 2019

Looking for birds with binoculars

In the first of our series of "My Outdoor Life in 5 Objects" we ask ten-year-old Isabel what her favourite things to use outdoors are:

1. Kelly Kettle

I use the Kelly Kettle so I can heat water for hot chocolate and tea but I also use it so I can toast things like marshmallows or bread.

I like the Kelly Kettle because it can be useful when you want to boil and toast things in the forest but my family sometimes have lunch in the garden with the Kelly Kettle for the fun of it!

2. Nikon Binoculars

I sometimes use my binoculars so I can spot wildlife in the forest and other times to look further on a view in the mountains.

I like my binoculars because they help me for example to spot some of my much-loved birds like our family favourite the robin and one of my favourites, the chaffinch.

3. Light My Fire - Fire Steel

I use the fire steel so I can set alight cotton wool that I can use to help strengthen the fire in the Kelly Kettle. It is a very fun job doing this!

I like the fire steel because it is handy for starting a fire but I like it especially because, since dad has two, my sister and I can have a contest of who can make the biggest spark!

4. Mora Whittling Knife

I use my whittling knife to carve little dwarves and toasting sticks to put bread dough on to bake over the fire.

I like my knife because it is a good tool for the outdoors but also it is fun to make little wooden dwarves for our friends and family.

5. Wellies

I use my wellies so, so much because most afternoons I work with horses. But in Scotland it is very wet so it is very handy to have a pair!

I have loved wellies since the age of three but when I was two I wore a pair of trainers because I refused to wear my wellies so usually I’d come home with sopping wet feet! So eventually I began to love wellies.

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