Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Our Firetrail Elderflower cordial recipe

We are fortunate to have an ornamental Pink Elderflower in our garden as well as lots of elder trees close by. Typically the flowers are white (not pink) and have a strong smell - remember not to pick ALL the flower heads on a tree as this will stop the flowers turning into berries later in the season. The berries are delicious in other recipes AND more importantly feed the birds!

Elderflower Cordial (makes around 4 litres)


20-30 heads of Elderflower - avoid brown blossoms

2 kg Granulated sugar

3 Litres water

3 Unwaxed lemons

100g Citric Acid - most chemists sell this cheaply


- Boil sugar and water until dissolved

- Cut wide strips of lemon peel off your lemons and then slice the lemons up

- Place lemons, lemon peel and flowerheads in large pan or bowl

- Pour over the boiling syrup

- Stir gently and submerge all flowerheads

- Stir in Citric Acid

- Cover and leave @ room temp for 48hrs

- Sieve & Strain mixture (squeeze the flowers and lemons to extract the last bit of juice!)

- Reheat strained cordial until just boiling

- Fill into sterilised bottles (for glass bottles about 15 mins at 160 Degrees C is sufficient)

- Allow to cool then fit your lids

....kick back and enjoy!


- Be extra careful of handling boiling liquids & when moving very warm bottles.

- The length of time the cordial will store depends on how sterile you get your set-up

- Refrigerate once you open a bottle

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