Primary School

Outdoor Learning

Fill your curriculum with exciting outdoor activities that offer

endless open-ended learning opportunities

Primary Outdoors

Why go outside with Primary children?

  • Continuing play and learning outside promotes a smooth transition from early years

  • Robust, challenging activities promote physical literacy and fitness

  • Fun group activities ingrain good class cooperation and communication 

  • Completing challenges by taking considered risk will build confidence and safe behaviour

  • Caring for and observing nature increases empathy for the natural world 

"I had expected that any actual learning would get lost in the children's excitement to be outside but we had extremely successful numeracy sessions with sticks and stones!"

Primary teacher, British Embassy School Ankara, Turkey

How does Firetrail help? 


We provide:

  • Skilled coaches and experienced outdoor practitioners

  • Staff training to help you teach outside easily

  • Primary residential experiences (onsite or offsite)

  • Procurement of high-quality outdoor equipment for various activities

"We had struggled for so long to get our daughter to ride a bike without stabilisers. My husband and I wanted to thank the Firetrail instructors for showing her a different way to master her bike - our daughter is delighted with her new skill!"

(Parent, Stavanger, Norway)