Secondary School Outdoor

Learning & Adventures

Challenge your pupils with unforgettable adventures & make the curriculum vibrant by teaching complex subjects outside 

  • Physical activity often declines in this age group - help your pupils achieve a healthy balance

  • Promote mental health and wellbeing​​ by offering recuperative time outdoors and off screens

  • Taking risk in a controlled outdoor environment provides an outlet for a desire to push boundaries

  • Achieve academic excellence by applying complex subjects to the outside world

  • Provide key skills for the future through team building and leadership challenges

Secondary Outdoors

Why go outside with young adults?

"I had never really considered you could teach maths outside. With some excellent pointers from Richard I have successfully taught trigonometry, weight, volume ... and now my pupils are coming up with ideas to convince me to take ropes, karabiners, pulleys and water outside yet again."

Maths Teacher, Berlin

How does Firetrail help? 


We provide:

  • Specialist staff including mountain guides, bike coaches, paddle sports instructors etc. 

  • Staff training to help you teach core secondary subjects outside easily

  • In-country and international expeditions and field trips (can incorporate DofE and IA awards)

  • Expertise in secondary grounds development (study spaces, bike & skate parks, climbing walls)

  • Procurement of high-quality equipment for various activities, especially expeditioning

"The canoe journey our pupils chose took a complex route through several mountain lakes and long portages. Despite carrying our boats across rough terrain and paddling through head winds we felt safe at all times. The Firetrail staff allowed the expedition to be led by the pupils, which gave them an incredible and fully deserved sense of achievement!"

(Seondary PE Teacher, Stavanger, Norway)